It has happened.

Here are excerpts from a recent series of exciting e-mails:

“I’m writing to let you know that your story has made it past the initial reading by 3 randomly selected associate editors and is being advanced for further review to a full editorial board.”

“Your story is one of the top contenders for inclusion into the book”

“I’d like to officially accept your story for inclusion in UFO3!”


And just like that, Little green Fonzie, now called The right answer,  has been accepted for publication in an anthology of humorous science fiction.

Apparently the recipe for getting published is to try really hard for a while, then give up for four years, get married, have a baby, then try again. On the third submission, someone will buy your stuff.

Or it could be that I decided to contact an Editor and hire her to help me clean up my writing.

It may not be hard to guess, but UFO Publishing is one of my favorite online sites now.

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