For some reason I let four years slip by since my last Blog post. In that time all writing and submitting went on hiatus.  How could I let that happen?  Well here are some of the life changers that have been going on since that last post. Please do not construe these as excuses. I have no excuse.

1) I got married

2) I changed jobs

3) We had a baby

The good news is that I am back in the game and have, as of last month, already received two rejection letters.  I am in the process of reconstructing a few of my stories.  The one advantage of being away from your writing for that long is that it gives you a fresh perspective.

I am also excited because a story I submitted to UFO Publishing has advanced past the initial rounds. I received this via e-mail:

Hi James,
I’m writing to let you know that your story has made it past the initial reading by 3 randomly selected associate editors and is being advanced for further review to a full editorial board.
Please expect another e-mail from me in a few days, at which point we will either release the story back to you, or hold it in the “final consideration” pile until I’m ready to make final decisions, sometime in early to mid- April.


Even if it goes no further, it was exciting to know that a few strangers liked it enough to give it a thumbs up and move it up the ladder.

Now that I am getting back on the horse, my time away has also reminded of Mark Twain, who, at one point, put down The adventures of Huckleberry Finn and didn’t return to it until seven years later.  Please note that this “fact” is a faint recollection of something my 9th grade English teacher told us.  I am certain of the author, but hazy as to whether I have the right book. I also couldn’t find any reference to this lapse in writing anywhere online.

Back in high school seven years seemed like an eternity. It was forever to walk away and then come back to a story.  I now understand how easily that can happen. I have a batch of stories that I wrote back in 1991 on an apple II. They are complete crap. I get a real bittersweet visceral sensation when reading those. I enjoy seeing how creative I could be at times, but I am frightened by the naivety and illiteracy that twenty year old had at the time.

At least I am not as naive anymore.




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