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Why I am stalking Stanley Schmidt

OK,  maybe “obsessively studying” is a better term. Stanley Schmidt is the Editor for Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine.  The Magazine is what I would consider the pinnacle of the Science Fiction short story market. I have sent off … Continue reading

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I are bad at grammar

My Mom is good friends with my high school English teacher, Connie. I took advantage of this relationship at our families 4th of July celebration by hitting up Connie to take an editorial look at a few of my stories. … Continue reading

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Trying not to be intimidated

I am currently crafting a story with the working title “Economic Robin Hood.”  It’s about a guy who is on the self appointed mission of finding people that are abusing government handouts and badgering them, (Read: Beating them up) until … Continue reading

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TO DO I Didn’t.

I take a nap on Saturday at about 2:00 in the afternoon. Although, I guess you can’t really call it a nap when it lasts six hours. I end up staying up all night and feeling pretty worthless, partially because … Continue reading

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Encouragement enough to send one off

I read a story in Apex magazine by Terra Le May. At the end of the story is a link to her site/blog, so I decide to check it out. I am encouraged by her as it seems she has … Continue reading

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A Little Competition

I have started wondering how I stack up, how I compare to the rest of world writing skills wise, that is. Comparing is a tough thing to do. You know right off that you likely aren’t the best. If you … Continue reading

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Fate Forward

Fate Forward is a story I wrote about a private investigator type guy searching for a mysterious device. It’s later discovered that the device can manipulate luck. The story goes on to reveal how this man beats the odds to … Continue reading

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